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SYRIAB - زرياب & SIGA Choir I HAWA - هوى Album I Trailer #choir #كورال #cd
Syriab - زرياب

SYRIAB - زرياب & SIGA Choir I HAWA - هوى Album I Trailer #choir #كورال #cd

Trailer of "HAWA - هوى" by SYRIAB - زرياب and SIGA Choir Songs: *Muwashahat Hijaz (Ya Ghusaina Alban/ Hayatmatni) موشحات حجاز) ياغصين البان & هيمتني) *Leylet Hob مقدمة ليلة حب *Al Nahr Al Khaled النهر الخالد *Maghreb Medley ميدلي المغرب العربي) مرسول الحب &يارايح&جاري ياحمودة) *Muwashahat Nahawand (Mounyati Azza Stibari/ Qom Ya Nadim) موشحات نهوند:) منيتي عز اصطباري &قم يانديم) *Bakhcha Kurd بخچاكرد *Sultaniyegah Sirto سيرتو سلطاني يكاه *Ya Gharib Al Dar موشح ياغريب الدار *Syrian Medley (أغنيات من بلدي (سوريا The collaboration of SYRIAB with the Arabic choir SIGA builds on the ethos of SYRIAB, which has always thrived when different musical companies meet. In 2022 SYRIAB will once again perform with a choir, just like at its conception when it was founded as an orchestra & choir for oriental music in 2009 by Ibrahim Bajo in his native Northern Syria. The program, HAWA - هوى, performed at the Konkordienkirche in Mannheim, celebrates SIGA's Arabian choral singing, SYRIAB's refined chamber music, and the subtle voice of the Oud-player & choirmaster Abdalhade Deb, representing the various home countries of the musicians and singers. فكرة زرياب قائمة على الحوار والتبادل الثقافي مع مختلف التشكيلات الأوركسترالية وآلات موسيقى الحجرة والكورالات الغنائية. ولأن زرياب منذ تأسيسها كانت عبارة عن أوركسترا شرقية مع كورال غنائي فإن البرنامج المشترك مع الكورال العربي سيكاه يرتبط ارتباطاً مباشراً بتاريخ الفرقة. يحتفل ألبوم هوى بالكورال الغنائي العربي سيكاه مع موسيقى زرياب Konkordien على مسرح كنيسة في مانهايم بالإضافة للصوت الجميل وعازف العود وقائد الكورال عبد الهادي ديب كما يُمثّل هذا الألبوم البلدان الأصلية للموسيقيين والمغنين المشاركين. SYRIAB - زرياب Abdalhade Deb: Oud/ Vocals Ibrahim Bajo: Kanun Valentina Bellanova: Nay/ Recorder Friedrike Kayser: Oboe/ Cor Anglais Andreas Kowalczyk: Clarinet/ Saxophone Wesam Karema: Accordion/ Keyboard Amjad Sukar: Percussion SIGA Abdalhade Deb: Musical Director Dorsaf Ameur, Jessica Qorba Alakhras, Frah Charrada, Nareen Alhaj, Mastan Wagner, Youssef Zarrouk, Imad Ismail, Mohamed Akram Chaouia, Mohammed Hussin, Abdelrahman Hussen, Mohammad Sawaftah, Ammar Aljaja, Wissam Alali, Mohamed Kajmi Video: Eduardo Serrano Sound Mix: Dominik Fürstenberger Recording: Martin Gottschall Live concert at Konkordienkirche Mannheim 10/21/2022 Special Thanks to Orientalische Musikakademie Mannheim, Neustart Kultur, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Konkordienkirche Mannheim
Ancient Lyre & Ney - Nikriz by Valentina Bellanova & Theodore Koumartzis
SEIKILO Ancient World Music

Ancient Lyre & Ney - Nikriz by Valentina Bellanova & Theodore Koumartzis

🔴 For more videos like this, subscribe to our channel: 🟢 SEIKILO is on Spotify too! Follow us at "Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." — Plato "Nikriz" is an original composition for the ancient lyre and the ancient ney, inspired by the nikriz maqam, a powerful scale of Arabic classical music that can evoke nostalgia, a sense of introspection, and longing for the past. Plato and Aristotle once said that different music scales evoke different emotions. Their theory, named "ethos," was infused in every ancient world music system, including Arabic classical music and its maqams. Nikriz is closely related to the Ancient Greek Phrygian mode, proving that music is a universal language that evokes similar emotions across different cultures. In this video, Theodore Koumartzis performs on a LUTHIEROS ancient lyre, masterfully handcrafted in Greece, accompanying Valentina Bellanova on her ney. ⚫ Find the perfect lyre for you at 🔵 Learn how to play the lyre and other ancient musical instruments at ⚪ Check out Theodore's lyre at 🎬 Directed by Nikolaos Koumartzis The video session took place inside the tranquil COCO-MAT Berlin store. 🎙️ Who is Valentina? Valentina Bellanova was born in Florence, Italy, where she later studied musicology and recorder. She then furthered her instrumental studies in Germany at the University of Music, Drama, and Media in Hanover, where she obtained her Soloist's Diploma. She has been involved with classical Turkish and Arab music for several years, studying their respective aesthetics and theories. Her teachers of Ney and modal music include Ross Daly, Ömer Erdogdular, Kudsi Erguner, whereas she studied the recorder and Early Music with David Bellugi, Federico Maria Sardelli, and Ulrich Thieme. She plays both the Turkish and the Arabic Ney and regularly performs these instruments in various projects (such as the National Theatre Thuringia, the NDR Radio Station in Hanover, the Komische Oper Berlin, the Philharmonie Berlin, etc.) and with various ensembles (like Husam Al Ali Ensemble, Almar'a: the Arab and Mediterranean Women Orchestra, etc.) She's also the first European woman to perform the "Istanbul Sinfonie" by Fazil Say in Staatstheater Braunschweig, Scharoun Theater Wolfsburg, Solingen/Remscheid (with the Bergischen Symphonikern), and the Mönchengladbach (with the Niederrheinischen Symphonikern). Her debut Solo album, titled "Eremos," released in December 2021, embodies her various musical and cultural backgrounds and experiences, including early western and modal music, experimentation and tradition, medieval music, radical improvisation, maqamat and deep investigation of their respective languages. 🎙️ Who is Theodore? Theodore Koumartzis is the youngest brother of the Koumartzis family. Being part of the family's endeavour since its early stage, he soon came to be an inspiring top-notch lyre player, constantly learning and experimenting with musicians around the world. He is the founder of the PAUSIS Project, a curator at the SEIKILO Museum of Ancient Music in Greece (Thessaloniki), and an integral part of LUTHIEROS Music Instruments. 🎧 Listen to Theodore's music at 👍 Follow us on Facebook: ❤️ Follow Thanasis Kleopas: ❤️ Follow us on Instagram: 🔴 For more videos like this, subscribe to our channel on youtube by clicking here: 🟢 SEIKILO is on Spotify too! Follow us at
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